Shrinkage in our kiri wood is exceptionally low compared to other types of wood. This is the conclusion of the Brandenburg Materials Testing Institute (MPA). The test report states that durability is particularly good in environments with fluctuating humidity, as is the case in closed rooms.

Five freshly cut trunk sections from five different trees of our NordMax21® variety were used as test material. They were first cut into planks, pre-dried, stored and cut again. The resulting 30 test specimens were moistened according to DIN 52186.

The testers then determined dry shrinkage in both tangential and radial directions. Result: mean values were 2.46% (tangential) and 0.69% (radial).

Kiri shrinkage test (c) MPA Eberswalde

Do you want to know more? We will be happy to send you the detailed test report on request.